The Problem

Every year, small-scale farmers in Africa are plunged further into poverty and famine because they can’t feed their livestock. Recurring drought has resulted in a lack of grazing land, poor quality soil and land degradation. With no financial resources to buy expensive traditional livestock feed, and with limited knowledge of how to mitigate the effects of drought, these farmers and their communities are stuck in a devastating cycle of food insecurity.

The Solution

Lucsom is working to empower farmers in Africa to be self-sufficient in the face of drought and poverty. We’ve developed an innovative model to help commercial and subsistence farmers grow drought-resistant fodder crops that provide an affordable, high quality feed source for livestock, while at the same time improving the quality of the soil. Our model goes one step further to create a commercial product of the pelleted biomass that can be sold to generate an additional source of income for farmers.

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The commercialisation of fodder trees for pellet production presents a lucrative market opportunity for investors and social impact entrepreneurs committed to Africa’s growth. We believe that innovation in agriculture is a powerful way to break the cycle of poverty and famine on the continent but we can’t do it alone. With the help of private investors, NGOs, all level of government, and the farmers themselves, we can create a sector that is sustainable well into the future. Get in touch to find out more about opportunities to partner with Lucsom to realise this shared vision.